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Webmaster's Elementary

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
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HTML. Manuals and Tools

To create and to support a site, it is necessary to do following:

  • compile HTML code;
  • upload files to a server.

All other skills are welcomed but non-obligatory.

I recommend to use HTML Brief Manual as a simple guidebook and HTML 4.0 Specification, issued by W3C.

It is better to copy these files to hard disk and start them locally any time you need.

You also can use webpages made by others as means of learning. Save a page on your hard disk and view it using simple text editor. By the way, text editor is a primary tool for many webmasters. Many of coolest pages were made with use of Notepad. As for me, best choice is EditPad. I found it at downloads catalog www.listsoft.com, which I love for its simple and friendly design. There are descriptions of plenty programs useful for beginning and advanced webmasters. Look there, and you'll find the program which suits your needs.

There are also specialized HTML editing tools. So called WYSIWYG-editors need very little (sometimes none) knowledge of HTML, but they create very excessive code with many mistakes. If your content deserves respective shape, it is better to spend more time on learning and use more accurate tools. I know two good programs for website creating: HomeSite and 1st Page 2000. HomeSite is shareware from Allaire. 1st Page 2000 is completely free. By the way, it includes very comprehensive manual of HTML 4.0. You may download it from the site of Evrsoft.

Now the most effective way of learning. Imagine that you liked some page and wished to make similar one. Simply save it with your browser's "Save as..." function. Then open it with your editor and try to alter tags, every time saving and refreshing the browser's window to see the effect. Doing such exercises is better than just reading manuals.

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
Advanced tools  Styles  Other technologies  Names, names...  Non-final conclusions

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