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Notes about China

The mass of publications about China leaves an impression of some similarity. Almost any publication (especially if its author visited the country only once) can be pre-determined: crowds of people, sea of bikes, kung-fu, dragons, cuisine, economic growth etc. So, while having read several such publications, average readers can consider themselves knowing everything about China.

But China is not so determined as it seems. The country with more than milliard population must have plenty of faces by definition.

In this section I place the notes on some sides of Chinese reality, which usually remain in a shadow or beyond frame, but nevertheless are typical. If it looks a little ridiculous, let it be. Ridiculous is better than tragical.

Li and Tao

Naive sly guy

Forty strikes with crowbar

Land of fences

The culture of drinking

The flaming sinologism syndrome

Chinese software dictionary pack

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