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This page contains links to the sites concerned to Chinese language, Chinese culture etc.

Links to Other Resources

http://www.mandarintools.com/ The site with some very useful CGI progams and Java applets allowing you to get Chinese name, transform dates of Western calendar into traditional Chinese Lunar's.

Chinese-related section of well-known About.com (former Miningco.com).

Site of international EURASIA society. For those who looks for business opportunities with China.

http://zhongwen.com/ List of Chinese-related resources, including online tutorial for proper order of writing Chinese characters, the list of Chinese surnames, online tool for turning Chinese text into GIF etc.

Site of Prof. Eugene Torchinov. Very informative materials on Chinese culture, traditions and religions.

On-line dictionaries:




On-line learning:

Chinawestexchange — online Putonghua and Cantonese lessons.

Rugers Chinese course.

Conversational Mandarin Chinese online by Xie Tianwei.

Chinese software dictionary pack

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